You’ll Be Thankful for Personalization

Companies need to engage customers on their level at all touchpoints to ensure the experience is consistent, unified and desirable. Having that personalized touch with a broad consumer base is not an easy task to accomplish. In fact, even when marketing teams feel as though they are doing a good job reaching their customers in a personalized way, the same customers that they are trying to reach often have a very different perspective. A 2015 Forrester survey found that, “While 66% of marketers rate their efforts at personalization as “very good” or “excellent,” just 31% of consumers report companies are consistently delivering personalized, cross-channel experiences.”

In addition, and equally important, only “16% of marketers surveyed currently have the capability to capture customer intent and deliver real-time, behavior-based marketing across all channels.”

High levels of personalization takes a significant level of resources: tools, time, personnel, and data. But, this increase in resources might very well be worth it.

In 2016, “a new study by Jivox that measures the impact of personalization on digital advertising performance finds that consumer engagement with online advertising increases by 3x when ads are personalized vs. standard display ad performance.”

So, despite the increased costs, you will be thankful for personalizing your advertising!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


2 thoughts on “You’ll Be Thankful for Personalization

  1. I completely agree here. Personalization needs to be the first thing that advertisers try to do. Customers do not want to feel like they aren’t important. By personalizing it shows that the company has an unique relationship in mind and customers appreciate that.


  2. Brian,

    I love when brands have their own personal touch. They are starting to catch onto the fact that consumers like that too and want to feel like they have a personal relationship with them. For example, I love the show Scream Queens on FOX. On National Selfie Day, I posted a picture and shared on my Twitter saying that my selfie made me feel like one of the characters on the show. They tweeted me back. Because they reached out to me in a personal way, it made me love the show even more and I give props to their social media team because they made me feel important.


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