My name is Brian Wallenhorst and I live with my wife, Andrea, and our two kids, Kenny (age 3) and Mae (about 7 months), in Herndon, VA just outside of Washinprofile-pic-for-imcgton DC. I graduated from James Madison University in 2001 with a BS in Integrated Science and Technology and have spent most of the past 15 years as a Business Development and sales professional helping organizations grow their business within the Federal marketplace. I have worked for a mid-size company called Knight Point Systems for the past 7 years where I lead the organizations marketing efforts as well as capture and proposal team. While my primary area of expertise is in the bid and proposal arena. One of my primary focuses is expanding the marketing reach of the organization through different emerging media platforms. The Federal sales cycle is changing. Even though the Federal sector tends to lag behind the commercial / enterprise space, the “buyer journey” is very quickly becoming self-driven and the traditional sales and bid and proposal tactics that I have been practicing are no longer going to be successful without strong marketing that provides value to our potential customers.

I am using emerging media to drive change in that sales cycle and established this blog to discuss the lessons that I have learned and provide a forum for discussion.